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RRtrans Robert Piskorowski - international transport and forwarding
  • Where is the company's headquarters?
    The head office of our transport company is located in Legnica in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The exact address is: ul. Krucza 25,   59-220 Legnica, Poland
  • What are the details of the RRtrans transport company?
    The details of our transport company from Legnica are: RRtrans Robert Piskorowski VAT:  PL6912354386 REGON:  388429389
  • What fleet do you have at your disposal?
    Our vehicles are tractor units and Mega tautliner with a coil mulda of 13.6m. Each trailer has a lifting and sliding roof as well as multilock. Vehicles are XL certificated for the transport of beverages.
  • How can I find you on freight exchanges?
    You can find us on the largest transport platforms such as:  Timocom, and Transporeon! Our contact numbers from these portals to:   Timocom - 416155 Transporeon - 419920 - 1110796-1
  • What services does your transport company from Legnica offer?
    We offer the following transport services: Domestic transport Poland International transport Europe Express transport Poland / Europe Full truckload transport Poland / Europe Dedicated transport Poland / Europe Transport of hazardous materials - ADR Poland / Europe Transport of agricultural machinery Poland / Europe Transport of construction machinery Poland / Europe Forwarding international  in the European Union International removals - full truck loads in the European Union
  • How to become an employee of RRtrans?
    Due to the rapid development of our transport company from Legnica, we are regularly looking for truck drivers. If you want to work for us, fill in the form in the career tab.
  • Do you own a license and certificates?
    We have the necessary licenses certifications, including: Certificate of Professional Competence w International Road Transport issued by Institute of Road Transport Certificate of Professional Competence w National Road Transport, issued by Instytut Transport Road
  • What is Freight Forwarding?
    Forwarding is an activity consisting of organizing the transport of goods. The forwarding company performs a number of activities for the client related to the organization of transport domestic and international, starting from matching the means of transport, through consulting in the field of cargo transport and ending with unloading.
  • How to contact your transport company?
    Have you got any questions? Please use the contact form or the chat available on our website. You can also call +48723536363 or send an e-mail to
  • What is the price per km of truck transport?
    The price of domestic and international transport depends on the requirements, distance, size and weight of the goods, as well as current additional charges in a given country. Contact us for an individual quote.
  • How can I get a transport quote?
    Contact us for a personalized international and domestic shipping quote. In the text of the message, include information such as: a place of loading and unloading, type and dimensions of the cargo and possible non-standard needs.
  • Is the transported cargo insured?
    Yes! Each vehicle in our fleet has a Civil Liability Insurance (OCP) in the amount of 250,000 euros.
  • How can I pay for the transport?
    We are a legally working and tax-paying transport company in Poland. A VAT invoice is issued for each service, which can be paid by bank transfer. If necessary, it is also possible to pay in cash to our truck drivers.
  • How far in advance should truck transport be ordered?
    Due to the great popularity of our transport company from Legnica, we try to plan our transports in advance.  If possible, please contact us 3-4 days faster.
  • Is a contract required for domestic and international transport?
    It is not necessary. There is no legal requirement to issue a document called a transport order. Both written and oral agreements are binding. This also applies to text messages or chat on freight exchanges.
  • Who can use truck transport services?
    Our domestic and international transport services from Poland can be used by both companies and enterprises as well as the private sector.
  • Do I have to pay for transport in both directions?
    When ordering a trucking service, you pay only one way.
  • What data do I have to include in the inquiry to receive a transport offer?
    To receive a quote for domestic and international transport from Legnica, the content of the message needs to include information such as: place of loading and unloading, type and dimensions of the load and any non-standard needs.
  • Can I get information on the whereabouts of the cargo on an ongoing basis?
    All trucks are equipped with a GPS system, thanks to which we are able to provide information about the location of the cargo at every stage of transport. Just contact our office.
  • Is it possible to contact the driver directly?
    Yes. You can contact the truck driver directly or through our office staff.
  • Where can I write a review of the RRtrans transport company Legnica?
    You can leave an opinion about our transport company from Legnica using the Google platform on our business profile. Click here to leave a rating.
  • How can I get an electronic invoice?
    An electronic invoice in PDF format will be sent to the customer via email. At the customer's request, it is possible to send an invoice for truck transport in a paper form.
  • My cargo has been damaged in transit, what should i do?
    We always put great importance on the safety of your cargo, so the probability of damage is low. However, if there is damage, please contact our office. All our domestic and international transports are insured.
  • The invoice provided is incorrect, what should I do?
    In case of any errors in the invoice for transport services, please contact the office.
  • What is CMR?
    The CMR International Consignment Note is the basic document, on which the cargo transport is based.
  • What should the CMR consignment note contain?
    The consignment note should contain the following information: place and date of issue; sender's name and address; name and address of the carrier; place and date of acceptance of the goods for transport and the planned place of delivery; name (name) and address of the recipient; The commonly used description of the nature of the goods and the method of packing, and for dangerous goods their generally recognized description; the number of items, their features and numbers; the gross weight or quantity otherwise expressed; costs related to transport (freight, additional costs, customs duties and other costs arising from the conclusion of the contract until delivery); instructions necessary to complete customs and other formalities; declaration that the transport  is subject to the provisions of the Convention CMR
  • What is ADR?
    ADR is a  determination of an international agreement on the carriage of dangerous goods. The contract contains provisions for road transport regarding packaging, cargo securing and labelling of hazardous substances.
  • What are freight exchanges?
    Freight exchange is an internet platform for exchanging transport information between shipping companies and individual clients, aimed at facilitating communication and accelerating transactions in the transport industry. You can find us on the largest transport platforms such as:  Timocom, and Transporeon! Our contact numbers from these portals:  Timocom - 416155, Transporeon - 419920, - 1110796-1
  • Are there any traffic restrictions for trucks?
    The ban on heavy goods vehicles over 12 tonnes in Poland is valid on public holidays, so on public holidays, from 8:00 to 22:00.
  • What is the capacity of a truck?
    All our trucks are semi-trailer dimensions 13.6m x 2.45m x 3m, a load of 24t, 34 spaces for euro pallets and 100m³ capacity

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