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Tautliner - tarpaulin trailer for special tasks

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

RRtrans pojazd ciężarowy z naczepą kurtynową

Tautliner - otherwise a semi-trailer with a tarpaulin is one of the most popular semi-trailers. Due to its construction, it is often used in truck transport. Saddle curtainsiders get their name from the curtains that cover their sides - they can be freely moved apart like curtains in a window.

The structure of the tarpaulin trailer

The construction of the tarpaulin trailer is intended to facilitate the transport and logistics of demanding raw materials. The frame of the trailer is made of high-strength, double-shot-peened steel, which means it can withstand the pressures and overloads that occur. The frame is coated with a polyurethane paint that increases resistance to weather and abrasion. Skeleton construction and sliding tarpaulins ensure easy access. The load can be manipulated from all sides. Access is through the side walls, rear and roof of the trailer.

The Tautliner semi-trailer is also designed with the load on the floor in mind, it is made of durable material to withstand tons of pressure and forklift manoeuvres. The head section is also specially reinforced, which is intended to ensure the safety of the driver in the event of sudden braking or a sharp downhill descent.

Side curtains are reinforced with slats. Their construction protects the cargo from damage and the negative effects of adverse weather conditions. The side tarpaulins are also reinforced with steel mesh straps and the whole thing is hung on plastic rollers that are suspended from the rail.

Types of tarpaulin trailers

Curtains are available in standard and mega versions. These versions differ in their dimensions, as the Mega version of the curtainsider has an interior height of up to 3 meters and is perfectly designed for transporting bulky loads.

Ciągnik siodłowy z naczepą MEGA (plandeka, firanka, mulda / 13.6m x 2.45m x 3m / do 24t / 34 euro pallets / 100m³ ładowności)
Tractor unit with MEGA trailer (tarpaulin, tarpaulin, trough / 13.6m x 2.45m x 3m / up to 24t / 34 Euro pallets / 100m³ loading volume)

Advantages of a curtainsider saddle

The main advantages of tarpaulin trailers are: a reinforced and stable frame construction, a raised roof and a tight sliding tarpaulin. Curtains have many advantages. Thanks to their design, they enable efficient loading and unloading, which is conducive to fast transport.

There are three ways to load and unload curtains:

  • Laterally - through sliding curtains,

  • Upper - thanks to the exposed roof

  • Back - through the rear door that opens to the sides allowing loading and unloading from the level of the ramp.

A durable, waterproof and tear-resistant tarpaulin is another advantage of the curtain. The construction of the tarpaulin on curtain siders satisfies high safety standards. It protects the load from damage.

RRtrans pojazd ciężarowy z naczepą kurtynową

Security in the curtain

Since tauliners have a skeletal structure and the cargo can move freely between empty spaces, it should be secured accordingly beforehand. Several professional solutions are used for this purpose. The transportation of goods in trucks equipped with curtainsider semi-trailers is carried out using security measures such as:

  • safety belts

  • elements designed to tension the belts, called tensioners

  • anti-slip rubber mats

  • stopbar, i.e. an element that prevents the load from tipping over, e.g. on a steep driveway.

RRtrans pojazd ciężarowy z naczepą kurtynową

Tautliners are the future of international trucking

Truck transport is a dynamically developing branch of international transport. The flexibility of road transport makes it more popular than rail, sea or air transport. It is independent of the location of ports, airports or railway lines. The use of tarpaulin trailers makes loading and unloading easier and is therefore ideal for transporting large-volume goods.

Load securing is also important in international transport. A tarpaulin trailer also works well here. Trucks equipped with such a semi-trailer are also used to transport ADR dangerous goods.

RRtrans your partner in truck transport

The RRtrans fleet is equipped with modern MEGA trailers with tarpaulin, tarpaulin and sliding roof. Each vehicle is also equipped with a steel trough.

Our transport services are carried out with tarpaulin trailers

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