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RRtrans Robert Piskorowski - international transport and forwarding

We take care of the safety of your cargo

Our vehicles are tractor units and Mega tautliner with a coil mulda of 13.6m.  Each trailer has a lifting and sliding roof as well as multilock. Vehicles are XL certificated for the transport of beverages.

RRtrans Firma transportowa  z Legnicy. Transport krajowy i międzynarodowy.

Truck with Mega tautliner

(tarpaulin, curtain, coil mulda / 13,6m x 2.45m x 3m / up to 24t / 34 euro pallets / 100m³ capacity

ADR transport

Each set is adapted to the transport of ADR hazardous materials

EURO 6 standard

The average age of our fleet is 3 years. Each of them meets the EURO 6 standard.

GPS system

Our tractors are equipped with a GPS navigation system and on-board computers for quick communication with the driver.

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