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How to safely transport steel?

Steel transport in coils

The transport of steel and other metals and metal products is associated with a high risk of mechanical damage and oxidation of the material under the influence of precipitation and high humidity. These factors cause even metal after processing to deform and rust, which makes it difficult to use it later. Steel has a very high bulk density, which translates into a weight of over 7800 kg in one cubic meter. Such a heavy weight makes the transport of steel often problematic. Moreover, this means that small loads of steel have to be transported using trucks, even if they take up little space.

Types of loads

Steel is used in various fields of technology. Its most popular application is construction - steel structures. Steel can be used in many other industries such as the production of machinery and tools. Its wide application causes the need to transport both prefabricated and finished products. Steel can be transported in various forms. The most popular loads are: Steel transport in coils Transport of steel in sheets Transportation of steel bars Transport of packed steel semi-finished products Transportation of steel pipes Transport of steel angles Transportation of steel sphere

International steel transport

What to consider when transporting steel?

The transport of steel is not only the transport of materials from point A to point B. When transporting metals and other loads, the following procedures and requirements should be taken into account:

  • Preparation of the project and transport schedule.

  • Determination of the optimal route and risk analysis.

  • Selection of adapted transport, taking into account the size of the load.

  • Organization of loading and unloading, taking into account the necessary security measures.

  • Comprehensive cargo handling in warehouses

  • Comprehensive customs support and facilitating the passage of customs procedures.

  • Security and location control of cargo during transport using navigation systems.

How to ensure cargo safety?

Transporting steel presents many challenges that can arise throughout the shipping process. Therefore, to ensure safe trucking, the following factors should be considered: Pay attention to the type of steel being transported - the main factor determining how the steel is transported and secured is the type and shape of the steel. Not every method of securing works with all types of steel, as prefabricated products such as sheet steel require a different approach than securing steel bars or tubes. The weight of the load is also an important factor, as all modes of transport have their own load limits that must be taken into account. Calculating the best route – Efficient route management enables smoother transportation of steel products. It is important to avoid the hazards that may arise along the way. This means choosing a safe route to your destination, avoiding roads that are inaccessible to HGVs, and familiarizing yourself with the regulations and prohibitions of transport in your country, such as the prohibition of transport on Sundays. Use the right protections and equipment – ​​In addition to choosing the right methods and routes of transport, it is equally important to ensure that you use the right protections and equipment when loading, unloading and transporting. Using load-appropriate securing is a measure to be taken to prevent the steel from shifting. For example, coiled steel is transported in trough trailers secured with straps. During the transport of the steel sheet, the packages are strapped and fastened to the vehicle. From top to bottom, the packages are covered with cardboard strips or plastic film to protect them from precipitation, temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Steel transport in coils. Coil Mould

RRtrans your partner in international steel transport

RRtrans offers steel transport in the country and abroad. Our specialists in the field of forwarding and logistics make every effort to ensure that our truck transport services are carefully planned from the place of loading to the place of unloading. RRtrans ensures the safe and stable transport of steel. We have the appropriate equipment to transport steel in coils, sheets, pipes, bars and other types of steel cargo.



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