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Do you need to order truck transport? Everything you need to know about freight exchanges.

RRtrans giełda transportowa

What are freight exchanges?

The idea of ​​a transport exchange, similar to the one we know today, was born in Europe in the 70s of the twentieth century, when the demand for road transport of goods increased. The transport industry was booming then. The first freight brokerages were established, which used telephone connections to communicate with customers. The customer reported the need for transport by phone, and then the broker made several to a dozen calls to find the right carrier. It was costly and time-consuming. In 1985, the world's first electronic freight exchange based on the Minitel system was established in France. This system was later superseded by the Internet. Nowadays, the freight exchange is a virtual marketplace where shippers and carriers can communicate. Its purpose is to facilitate and accelerate the conclusion of transactions. It helps to find the right carrier and facilitates communication. Using the Internet, you can search for free cargo spaces in real-time or offer a vehicle and conclude an appropriate transport contract.

RRtrans najlepsza firma na giełdzie transportowej

How does the freight exchange work and how to use it?

In simple terms, the freight exchange works on the basis of advertisements. A company that needs to purchase transportation services publishes a transportation request with a description of the goods, direction, and route. Sometimes it's also the other way around. It is the carrier who submits the truck as a transport offer and looks for a customer with goods to be transported. So we are dealing with both a vehicle and freight exchange. There are many transport exchanges available on the market, which differ primarily in scope. There are national, regional and international exchanges. Currently, every major freight exchange has its own software or mobile applications. Using freight exchanges usually involves a subscription fee, although there are also those with free access. Freight exchanges charge a commission on the value of a transport order obtained thanks to the service. It is paid for by the carrier. So you should start by choosing a freight exchange and registering on its platform. The largest providers of freight exchanges attach great importance to security, giving access to their systems only to verified entities.

RRtrans najlepsza firma na giełdzie transportowej

Once you have an account on the selected transport exchange, you just need to create an advertisement. Such a transport order should include the type and size of the cargo, as well as the location and date of loading and unloading. We send the finished advertisement to carriers and wait for offers. Transport exchanges are a good place to find a contractor for a single transport as well as to establish long-term cooperation. Before ordering transport, it is worth checking the carrier's profile in which we can find information about licenses or insurance policies.

Advantages of using freight exchanges and their additional functions.

The main benefit for the carrier is the reduction in the number of journeys without return cargo. Which translates into a lower price of the transport service. It also facilitates the optimal use of cargo space and obtaining additional transport orders on a given route. Freight exchanges are an alternative for smaller companies that do not have their own fleet of trucks. They do not have to cooperate with forwarders and thus save money. It also allows you to find a large number of carriers. Strong competition allows you to find transport at an attractive price. The use of freight exchanges means saving money and time for both parties. The operation of freight exchanges is not limited to searching and advertising vehicles or loads. Major suppliers such as TIMOCOM, Transporeon or offer complex systems that provide many additional solutions and benefits. These include, among others:

  • real-time tracking of vehicles (thanks to this, you can check where the vehicle with the load is at any time)

  • calculation of routes and costs taking into account toll road sections, tonnage or size restrictions and additional costs, such as driver's allowance or tolls

  • a database of verified companies containing profiles with the most important information

  • debt collection services for the financial security of users

RRtrans na giełdach transporeon timocom

On which freight exchanges can you find RRtrans?

RRtrans on the Transporeon exchange

You can find RRtrans a transport company from Legnica on the Transporeon portal. Transporeon is an international logistics company with over 20 years of experience. More than 145,000 carriers are registered on the portal. Our Transporeon ID number is 419920

Our transport services on the Transporeon exchange

RRtrans Robert Piskorowski to według naszych klientów najlepsza firma transportowa na Timocom

RRtrans on the Timocom exchange

Timocom is the largest freight exchange in Europe with 147,000 users. The company is headquartered in Germany and has offices in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. RRtrans Robert Piskorowski is, according to our customers, the best transport company on Timocom. Our Timocom ID number is 416155

Our transport services on the Timocom exchange

RRtrans to najlepszy przewoźnik na

RRtrans on the exchange

The Logistics Platform is an integrated transport management tool with modules for: shippers, forwarders and carriers. has as many as 12 branches in Europe and provides multilingual service. RRtrans is the best carrier on Our ID number is 1110796-1

Our transport services on the exchange



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